Theme: Perspectives in Learning, Counseling, Assessment, Evaluation and Therapy

Psychology Education 2020

Psychology Education 2020

Bringing Perspectives in Learning, Counseling, Assessment, Evaluation and Therapy together and providing opportunities to present and interact, we are glad to announce the ''2nd International Conference on Psychology Education, Counseling, Psychotherapy and Recovery'' scheduled on August 19-20, 2020 at Milan, Italy

Scientific meetings and conferences play an important role in the process of science and are one of the primary venues for Academicians, Scientists, Practitioners, Students, Scholars, Researchers and Business professionals to present and receive feedback on research before publication, to forge collaborations, and to network and share research ideas.

Psychology Education 2020 is a special designed cluster of 2 day event with the perfect blend of high quality presentations, keynotes addresses, oral presentations & plenary sessions, intense scientific topics, panel discussions, workshops, special sessions, student poster presentations, round table discussions and exhibition from the world's brightest minds in medical, science and technology.

Recent years have seen increasing numbers of reports concerning the health and well-beingPsychology a scientific discipline that reviews mental states and processes and conduct in humans and other animals. Psychology has been portrayed as a "hub science" in that medicine will draw mental research by means of neurologyneuroscience and psychiatry. The early long stretches of psychology were set apart by the control of a progression of various schools of thought. The four primary objectives of psychology are to describe, explain, predict and control the behavior and mental processes of others. Psychology aims to understand the behavior of others and gather information about the way the brain works in order to better serve humanity.  

In order to make it convenient to study, understand and access the behavior at different fields of life, psychology is divided into different branches. These branches are broadly divided into two categories viz., pure and applied.

1. Pure Branches: Pure branches give the hypothetical casing work of the subject. These branches deal with formulation of principles, theories and suggest different methods for the assessment of behavior. Examples include General psychology, Physiological psychology, Developmental psychology, Child psychology, Animal psychology, Abnormal psychology, Social psychology, Clairvoyance, Telepathy, Psychokinesis, Precognition, Reincarnation, and Contacting souls.

2. Applied Branches: It deals with the application of psychological principles and techniques for approaching the problems in different fields of life. Examples include Educational psychology, Clinical psychology, Industrial psychology, counseling psychology. The standards are sorted out into five regions of psychological functioning: cognition and learning; motivation; social and emotional dimensions; context and learning; and assessment.  

Psychologists utilize a variety of perspectives in modern psychology like Psychodynamic Perspective, Behavioral Perspective, Cognitive Perspective, Biological Perspective, Cross-Cultural Perspective, Evolutionary Perspective, and Humanistic Perspective. Psychologists working in the field of education spend their time in diverse settings like government research centers, schools, community organizations and learning centers are focused on identifying and studying learning fixates are centered around distinguishing and considering learning strategies to better see how individuals assimilate and hold new information and data. Counseling addresses the passionate, social, work, school and physical wellbeing concerns individuals may have at various stages in their lives, concentrating on regular life stresses and progressively extreme issues with which individuals may battle as people and as a piece of families, groups and organizations. Psychotherapy is often used in combination with medication to treat mental health conditions. Psychotherapy can be present moment (a couple of sessions), managing quick issues, or long haul (months or years), managing longstanding and complex issues.

Agenda and Objectives:

  • Engage with contemporary issues in brain research and training so as to cross examine the most recent hypothetically grounded and proof based research
  • Critically research overwhelming standards in brain research and training, and draw in with topical issues of importance to instructive arrangement and practice
  • Develop research and profession ways inside the more extensive research culture of both the Faculty and the more extensive college.
  • Healthy angles and qualities of customers (in the case of being viewed as people, couples, families, gatherings or associations.
  • Issues of assorted variety and social equity
  • Programs/workshops that teach and illuminate people in general about psychological wellness, school, family, relationship and working environment issues.

Psychology Education 2020 has a wide appeal and it allows those working in diverse areas of PsychologyPsychiatryPsychotherapy, Mental HealthAddiction to present their work, network with other researchers and practitioners, and discuss ideas in a multidisciplinary perspectives and topics. Psychology Education 2020 paves a platform to globalize the research and education by installing a dialogue between academic organizations and industries through the knowledge transfer from research to industry and to focus lights on new ideas and their strategies.

Why to attend?

We strive to make a psychology education 2020 a success along with your support and prime quality talks from each Psychiatrist as a Psychological committees. Throughout the conference, we tend to assure you that you just can expertise world category facilities and welcome at the conference.

A big reason is to satisfy with well-matched peoples and trade peers. It gather people from all totally different geographical areas United Nations agency share a typical discipline or field, and that they area unit an excellent thanks to meet new people in your field. You’ll be ready to get alongside individual from a large vary of backgrounds, of whom you will not encounter at your home geographic point or establishment. One is ready to build skilled network and can be a decent place for meeting with peoples in your field that haven’t connected during whereas.

To expand your information and notice solutions to issues it'll offer you the chance to speak to peoples one-on-one regarding what they're performing on, and that they might even offer you recommendation on the way to enhance your own work. You’ve got the chance to raise presenter’s questions on their work and also the explanation behind it, that you can’t do once reading journal articles.

If you are interested then you will present your work and ideas.  Learn new things and get knowledge in your interest field.

Who should attend?

Physiatrists (Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Physicians)


Occupational Therapists





Medical and Allied Healthcare Professionals



Psychiatry Students, Scientists

Psychiatry Researchers

Psychiatry Faculty

Medical Colleges

Psychiatry Associations and Societies




Psych biologists

Biological Psychologists

Neuroscience Nurses



Neuron drug Manufacturers


 Session on: Science of Psychology and Applied Research : The science of psychology edges society and enhances our lives. Mostly they concerning about what individuals say about their experiences. Rather than learning a person’s behaviour in isolation, they use the behaviour to seek out regarding mental and biological processes, motives and temperament traits.Applied research psychology refers to scientific study and analysis that seeks to resolve issues, cures unwellness, and develops innovative technologies. It focuses on the implementation of real-world results rather than the lab based experiment and abstract theories.

Session on: Psychology and Human Resilience: Psychology resilience is that the ability to mentally or emotionally deals with a crisis. It is an untold quality that enables the people to be knocked down by life and come back as strong as before. Resilience isn't some magic quality; it takes mental work to transcend hardship.Some of the factors are identified by psychologist to make a person resilient; such has optimism, positive attitude, the flexibility to manage emotions, and also the ability to ascertain failure as a style of useful feedback.

Session: Mental Health and Wellbeing: Mental health means how we feel, think and act. It is plays an important role in your every stage of life since childhood and teenage through adult psychological. well-being refer as to delete the negative thought and help to develop the positives thoughts. It includes several aspects like, positive attitude, balance of emotions, personal optimization, life satisfaction etc.

Session on: Psychological and Psychosocial Interventions: Psychosocial intervention helps that person when is not interacting with the society well, it may also use to assist guide the person back to a healthy state of being. In case of some mental disorder is used to delete the negative behaviour. Psychological interventions are work carry out to bring regarding change in the individuals, a large vary of intervention methods exist and that they varied styles of problem. Psychosocial and psychological therapies will assists individuals come up through depression within the longer-term.

Session on: Psychiatry and Psychiatric Disorder: Psychiatry is the branch of medical targeting the diagnosing, treatment and interference of mental, emotional and behavioural disorders. Psychiatry is that the medical specialization that diagnoses and treats mental disorders.

Psychiatric disorder is also known as mental illness and mental disorder that disturb your thinking, mood, or behaviour and seriously will increase your risk of incapacity, pain, death, or loss of freedom. Now the most common reason for long term sickness absence is psychiatric disorders such as anxiety and depression.

Session on: Positive Psychology and Happiness: Positive psychology is the study of happiness psychological historically is focused on those people who have mental illness or different psychological issues and how to treat them. Positive psychology could be a comparatively new field that examines however; normal individuals will become happier and live additional happy lives. Happiness is named as hedonic, the presence of positive emotions and also the absence of negative emotions. Pleasure, comfort, gratitude, hope, and inspiration are the some positive emotions that increase our happiness and move us to flourish.

Session on: Stress, Depression and Anxiety: Stress is a part of our life. It’s caused by tension, burdensome circumstances. Stress doesn't just affect our psychical health; it also affects our mental state and mood as well. The feeling of stress can be trigged that makes you nervous and frustrated.

Those who have stress, depression and anxiety over long periods of time might experience negative connected health outcomes. They are highly to develop heart condition, high pressure, diabetes, and should even develop and panic disorder.

Session on: Mindfulness, Yoga and Meditation: Mindfulness is certain kind of therapy which is frequently used in meditation. Mindfulness may be a state of active, open attention to the current. 

Yoga is the art of active which help in controlling person’s mind body and soul. Yoga sutras is the great benefit to the world and especially true in the field of psychology.

Meditation is a mental exercise; in this an individual learns to focus attention. Some varieties of meditation instruct the scholar to become conscious of thoughts, feelings and sensations and to watch them during a non-judgmental method..

Session on: Counselling Psychology and Rehabilitation: Counselling psychology could be a general observe and health service supplier specialty in psychology. It addresses the emotional social, work, college and physical health considerations individual could have at totally different stages in their lives, that focus on typical life stresses and a lot of severe problems with people could struggle as individuals and as a locality of families, teams and organizations.

Rehabilitation counselling could be a systematic method, which help persons with physical, mental, organic process and emotional disabilities to reach their personal, career, and independent freelance living goal.

Session on: Clinical Psychology, Therapeutics and Practices: Clinical psychology is the study of individuals by experiment or observation, with the intention of promoting amendment. Clinical psychologists apply analysis findings within the fields of mental and physical health to clarify dysfunctional behaviour in terms of traditional processes.  A therapeutic approach is that the theory by that a psychologists or counsellor frames however they read human relationships and also the problems that occurs for individual throughout their lives. Psychotherapy is that the educated and intentional application of clinical strategies.

Session on: Educational Psychology and Teaching Practices: Educational psychology is that the branch of science involved with the scientific study of human learning. The study of learning processes, from each psychological feature and activity views, permits researchers to grasp people difference in intelligence, psychological feature development, affect, motivation, self-regulation, and self-concept, similarly as their role in learning it has seen developing as professional in last twenty years.

Session on: Cognitive Psychology, Memory and Languages: Cognitive psychology is the study of mental action like perception, memory, memory thinking, attention, and language use. It helps the people able to find the way to overcome from the difficulties. Memory often studies in terms of working memory in the Cognitive psychologists. A large part of cognitive psychology is studying human memory. It covers the method of exploit, storing and retrieving memory, together with facts, skills and capability. 

Session on: Autism and Child Psychology: Autism may be an organic process disorder that affects scientific discipline in multiple ways in which people with syndrome have difficulties with social and communication skills. They need restricted interests and have interaction in repetitive behaviours.  Now a day’s more children are identified with autism than ever before. Some kids with syndrome may have seizures. Autism is may be four time additional common in boys than compare to women.

Session on: Addiction, Drug Abuse and Recovery: Addiction could be a continuous increasing disease and psychiatric disorder. The American Society of Addiction Medicine defined that as "a primary, chronic illness of brain reward, motivation, memory and connected electronic equipment. Now a day’s addiction defines as a state which will occur once someone either consumes a substance like cocaine, or, alcohol or engages in associate degree activity like gambling or shopping/spending.

Drug abuse is also called as Substance abuse, is use of a drug in amounts or by strategies that harmful to the individual or other. It is used on regularly basis in unhealthy way, it may create wide variety of problems and it became an on-going behaviour. It may also effects individual homes life, schooling, relationship and working ability.

The term recovery more help to healing from mental disorder, however it’s could be most ordinarily related to overcoming from addiction to alcohol and other different drug also. Being in recovery is once those positive changes and values become a part of a voluntarily adopted style.

Session on: Anger Management and Psycho-therapeutics: Anger management may be a psycho-therapeutic program for anger elimination and management. Anger is often a result of frustration, or of feeling blocked or disappointed from one thing the topic feels is powerful. It’s have goal through therapy is to teach individual a way to examine their triggers and also control and regulate anger.

Psycho therapeutics aims to enhance a person's well-being and mental state, to resolve or mitigate difficult behaviours, beliefs, compulsions, thoughts, or emotions, and to enhance relationships and social skills. It is the use of psychological methods and it also helps the individual overcome problem and change behaviour in desired way. There is a variety of psychotherapies designed for youngsters and adolescents

Session on: Self-harm and Suicide Prevention: Self-harm is also called as self-injurious behaviour, is the act of intentionally damage to one’s own body. Self-harm may be dangerous in it. It's critical to search out healthier ways in which to cope. Seeking the assistance of a therapist or discussing self-harm with a trusty love one, are sensible avenues by that to start out.

Suicide prevention is help to reduce the risk of suicide. These efforts might occur at the individual, relationship, community, and society level. Suicide is usually preventable. It is efforts involved limiting access to strategies of suicide, like drugs, and poisons, treating mental disorder and substance misuse, correct media coverage of suicide, and up economic condition.

Session on: Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and ADHD: This both Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) are the serious psychological state and behavioural conditions. However they can also manage the conditions.

Post-traumatic stress disorder may be a psychological state that familiar celebrated cause: one or a lot of traumatic experiences. Samples of trauma which will trigger anxiety disordersin some individual involve physical or mental offense, witnessing violence, being in combat, being in an accident.

Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder is an activity condition that makes focus on the routines challenges. It is a typically first recognized in childhood, however it's could also be diagnosed in adults. It's a condition characterised by upset, impulsive behaviours, and poor attention

Session on: Industrial and organisational Psychology: Industrial-organizational psychology is that the branch of psychological science that applies psychological theories and principles to organizations.  Industrial and organisation psychologists use scientific strategies to use psychological principles across a large vary of areas; involve administration, human resources, personnel psychology, marketing, management, and coaching. Their final goal is to find and solve issues relating to the work place.

Session on: Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing: Mental health nursing or psychiatric nursing is help and cares for individuals of all ages who experiencing distress and mental illness. These include: psychosis, schizoaffective disorder, mood disorders, anxiety disorders, temperament disorders, consumption disorders, unsafe thoughts, psychosis, paranoia, and self-harm. Nurses during this space receive specific coaching in psychological therapies, building a therapeutic alliance, coping with difficult behaviour, and therefore the administration of medical specialty medication. Each mental disease has its own perform signs and symptoms.

Session on: Psychoanalysis, Psychosis and Psychometrics: Psychoanalysis was believed that people may well be cured by conscious their unconscious thoughts and motivations, therefore gaining insight. The aim of psychotherapy medical i.e., create the unconscious acutely aware. are is to unharness pent-up emotions and experiences, iIt's also having a cathartic (i.e., healing) expertise will the person be helped and “cured”.

Psychosis is identifying by an impaired relationship with reality. It’s a proof of great  mental disorders. People live through mental illness might have either hallucinations or delusions.

Psychometrics may be a field of study involved with the speculation and technique of psychological measuring. Generally, it refers to the sector in psychology and education that's dedicated to testing, measuring, assessment and connected activities.

Session on: Schizophrenia and Bipolar Disorders: Schizophrenia could be a disturbance that sometimes seems in late adolescence or early adulthood. Characterised by delusions, hallucinations, and different psychological feature difficulties, schizophrenic will be life long struggle. It is a multiple personality and Symptoms could include: Delusions, Hallucinations, unstuck thinking, Negative symptoms square measure generally confused with emotional disorder.

Bipolar disorder is also called by its older name “manic depression,” is a brain illness that mental disturbance, constantly shifting moods, energy, activity levels, and the ability to carry out day-to-day tasks. Its symptoms will destroy relationships and even suicide. Bipolar disorder is often treated; individuals with this ill health will lead full productive lives.

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Psychology may be a branch of science that involves numerous strategies to live and image the brain activity. Neurobiology may be a subject specializing in molecular, cellular, biological process, structural, functional, and medical aspects of the system. The constant evolution of neurobiology analysis is because of the advancements in alternative branches like medication, Pharmacy, biology, medical specialty Engineering.

Clinical Psychology for the most part depends on numerous devices to gather data concerning the brain like pathophysiology of various neurologic disorders, dementia, stroke, migraine, Parkinson’s diseases, brain tumours and alternative traumatic disorders of system.

These devices carries with it completely different instruments that are needed for neuroscience-based experiments. Numerous styles of electrophysiology instruments and imaging instruments are used to map the brain and examine the brain activity.

The global scientific discipline market size was valued at US $26, 593 million in 2017, and is anticipated to witness a compound annual rate of 3.9% over the a amount of 2018–2026. The key reason for this steady growth is that the increase within the prevalence of neurologic disorders leading to the high demand for medical nosology, understanding of pathophysiology for higher treatment that successively boosts the demand for neurobiology devices.

According to World Health Organization (WHO) 2016 report, nearly half dozen million peoples die because of stroke per annum and around eighth of those deaths occur in low and middle financial gain countries. Moreover, over 55 million folks suffer from brain disorder and 47.5 million peoples from dementedness, with 7.7 million new cases, annually worldwide.


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